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Butter Braid Fundraising Now OPEN!!

We have officially opened our Butter Braid Fundraising.   This year we are able to order on-line as well as with paper order forms.  Please click on picture to check out the products available.  Forms will need to be turned in by October 28, 2019 and delivery pick-up will be November 6, 2019.  

CRHL Rules and Regulations 2019-2020 Season


CRHL Rules and Regulations

CRHL League Rules and Regulations


1. Game Rules. League sanctioned events shall be played in accordance with the rules as set forth

by the USA Hockey as amended by CAHA except as modified herein:

• Timing. Period lengths, curfews and ice makes will be conducted for each level as


o 10U - three periods, 15 minutes run time first period and second period. 12 minute

stop time third period. 1-hour curfew

o 12U - three periods, 15 minutes run time first period and second period. 12 minute

stop time third period. 1-hour curfew

o 14U - three periods, 15 minutes run time first period and second period. 12 minute

stop time third period. 1-hour curfew

o 16U - three periods, 15 minutes run time first period and second period. 12 minute

stop time third period. 1-hour curfew

o 18U - three periods, 15 minutes run time first period and second period. 12 minute

stop time third period. 1-hour curfew

• Should any game that runs over the scheduled block of time due to a combined 16 or more

penalty infractions between both teams, the game may go to a run clock. This is to assist

in game time allocations and keeping the game under control.

• There shall be no overtime in any League games.

• There shall be no run clock due to goal differential in league games. if the score reaches a

level that may be embarrassing, both coaches must agree that a run clock is allowable

before the scorekeeper runs the clock.

• Game Start / Warm-up. The time listed in the League schedule shall be the time that both

teams are to take the ice. A reasonable warm-up period shall be allowed both teams

(whether or not they are on the ice) commencing at the designated starting time, or at

the time the ice becomes available, whichever is later.

o There will be a 5 minute warm-up for all divisions 10U-18U

• Confirmation / Make-Ups. Failure to appear as scheduled may result in forfeiture. Failure

to appear as scheduled because of adverse traffic and/or weather conditions necessitates

that the game be rescheduled within fourteen (14) days and played prior to the end of the

League season. Any and all rescheduled games must be approved with the Division

Director before games are rescheduled.

• Rescheduled games must be done 14 days prior to scheduled game time. Teams not

rescheduled in the 14-day time frame will be subject to a $500 fine. Fee goes directly to

the opposing association.

• Refusal to Compete. Refusal to compete in any game without League approval is

considered grounds for immediate forfeiture of the game and potential for immediate

resignation from the League. Said team may be dropped from all subsequent League

activities, functions, schedules, and standings. Teams refusing to compete shall result in

the automatic suspension for at least one (1) year for the Coaching Staff of the offending

team, pending investigation, review and ruling from the League Special Committee. Any

team not completing their League schedule due to a refusal to compete may be ineligible

to participate in playoffs.

2. Scoresheet Procedure

• For teams whose rinks do not have an Electronic Scoring System in the penalty box, the

home team must provide a hard copy scoresheet for recording the game. These are to be

used for League sanctioned events exclusively. For teams whose rinks have or Electronic

Scoring System, Scoresheets shall be available in an easily accessible area in the event or

Electronic Scoring System is unavailable.

• The team representative is responsible for ensuring that the Scoresheet or Electronic

Scoring System is properly filled out and distributed to the required parties.


• The Home team shall submit the Scoresheet into the Electronic Scoring System within

twenty-four (24) hours of the game completion.

3. Curfew Rule for League Games

• The scorekeeper shall inform the referee and the head coach of the visiting team before the

start of the game if there is a curfew time for the game. It shall be properly recorded on

the official League Scoresheet before the commencement of the game.

• During the course of the game and the time is reaching a curfew at the end of the second

period, it shall be determined whether there will be enough time to complete the game by

the curfew time. The third period shall then be played under a running time with the

allocated time remaining.

4. After Game Procedure. When one exit from the ice surface is used by both teams, and where

locker rooms are similarly situated, the visiting team shall proceed first to their locker room upon

instructions from their coach. Once the visiting team has entered their locker room, the home

team shall proceed directly to their locker room upon instructions from their coach.

• Sportsmanship post-game. Teams will shake hands after each game.

5. Reporting Times and Locker Rooms

• All team members and coaches must be present no less than 30 minutes before the

scheduled start of their game. The rink and/or officials reserves the right to start any game

10 minutes before the posted game time if he/she decides it is in the best interest of

running the game.

• Locker rooms shall be available for all teams. If a rink has limited dressing rooms, the rink

needs to provide reasonable accommodations for the teams to dress in. If a rink only has

two locker rooms, the teams playing must stay out of the locker room until the teams for

the next game are done.

• Only persons listed on the USA Hockey Official Player Roster as, coaches, and players, shall

be allowed on team benches or in the locker room of any team.



Chuck A Puck Registration - NOW OPEN


Hello Falcon Families!

Welcome back to AF Falcons Hockey and Chuck A Puck for the 2019/2020 season!    We have some great games on our schedule but we need your help to make it a success.  Our games are listed below. 

Click to register for the game(s) you'd like to work.

10/19/2019 vs. Arizona State at 7:05pm - Bantams

11/08/2019 vs. Bentley at 7:05pm – Peewees

02/01/2020 vs. Sacred Heart at 5:05pm – Mites and Squirts

02/22/2020 vs. Mercyhurst at 5:05pm – Midgets



Falcons Youth Hockey is Host Association for Mile High Mites

Each host association will provide a fun and effective program by delivering  the game in an age-appropriate manner, consistent with USA Hockey ADM/LTAD models.

*Registration and Rink Locations will be First-Come, First-Served and based on Availability*

Registration in the Mile High Mites program includes:

  • Six (6) on-ice instructional sessions led by Colorado Hockey associations with USA Hockey certified coaches
  • Full set of brand new CCM hockey gear sized specifically for your new player to keep!
  • (1) on ice session will include an Avs Alumni to teach the game and educate the players, coaches & parents
  • "Hockey 101" for players & parents at Pepsi Center during a Colorado Avalanche home game.

Equipment Includes:

• Mile High Mites Jersey • Helmet • Skates • Gloves •Shoulder Pads • Shin Guards • Elbow Pads • Pants
• 30” Equipment Bag • Mile High Mites Stick

$190 Per Player

Falcon Youth Hockey 2019-2020 Season Prices

Season Prices for Falcon Youth Hockey 2019-2020

All registration prices include uniform/socks.  

Mites  $400(military) $450(civilian)

Mile High Mites Program (training and equipment) $190

Squirts/Peewee/Bantam  $900(military) $950 (civilan)

Midgets $600

Your $100 deposit given at registration will be credited to your season cost.  The credit card on file will be charged in full unless you contact the AF Youth Center at 719-333-4169 by 10/1/2019 to arrange payment plan if necessary.  


Falcon Youth Hockey Registration

Uniform/Sock Registration

You will not be making a payment as this is included in the season registration fee. 
An important thing to remember when ordering is that you must spell the last name you want on the back of the jersey exactly how you want it. We will be using this to turn our orders in. Also please give your number preferences. I will do my BEST to give everyone their preference but this may not be possible so please understand this.  

Lastly, I have attached a sizing chart for the jerseys on the registration. As a reference, for those returning players these are the same cut as our AWAY jerseys last year so you can also use this as a guide when determining needed size.


Falcons Youth Hockey Association

Are you interested in participating in a Youth Hockey Program that is dedicated to teaching the true meaning of sportsmanship, teamwork and respect?

-  We are a Colorado Springs Youth Hockey Program that is dedicated to teaching young hockey players to love the game.
-  We are open to ALL children in the local area, military AND civilian.  
-  We provide an affordable and fun local option for young skaters interested in developing a life-long relationship with the game of hockey.
Practices & Games held on the Air Force Academy at Cadet Ice Arena.



This video is a reference for live scoring. Start watching at about 1:11. We also recommend you shadow a person scoring to learn and feel comfortable to scoring game. The association has purchased a designated tablet for scoring. This will be located with the scoreboard box in the zamboni office. With the tablet will be a reference guide as well.

Falcons Youth Hockey Home Rink

Additional Ice Rink Locations


Tim Connors


Bethany Stafford

AFA Youth Center Director

Phone: 7193334169